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Ground Resistance Tester
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programmed ground resistance tester
Product Description:

JK7305 ground resistance tester is used to measure the internal electrical equipment grounding resistance, it reflects the total grounding of electrical equipment around the exposed conducting part and electrical equipment terminal (contact resistance). Ground resistance tester in order to eliminate the effects of contact resistance test, using four terminal measurement method, namely in the measured electrical exposed between the guide part and the main earthing terminal with current voltage measurement, and then it ends, calculate the resistance value.


Constant current linear amplifier output

The front panel correction, high accuracy

l Standard RS232, standard PLC interface

l Key lock function

l Four - end measurement precision

l Up to 15 sets of test pattern memory

l Alarm function



Output current        

330A±2%±2 dgt.

Test voltage       


Range of grounding resistance

1300 mΩ,  Output Current(310A)
1150 mΩ,  Output Current(10A30A)
±2%±2 dgt.

Testing time         

0.1999.9s ±2%±2 dgt.


16*2 Backlit LCD

Remote device

Input: Test,Reset
Output: Pass.Fail,Test-in-Process

Resolving power     

Current:0.01A    Resistance1mΩ

Test alarm        

Buzzer, indicator light

Correction method       

Software calibration

Memory device         

Memory current, resistance, time and other settings

Temperature / humidity       


Standard accessories       


Dimensions/WeightW×H×D: 280mm×100mm×380mm / 10kg

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