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Changzhou Jinko Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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Changzhou Jinko Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Changzhou JKing Technology Co., Ltd.), established in 2000, is a private hi-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing. It lies in the Yangtze River Delta, enjoying developed economy, profound culture and convenient transportation. It is located in Tianning Economic and Technological Development Zone (the first hi-tech business incubator in Tianning District), No. 1, North Qingyang Road , Changzhou City. It is in the intersection between Qingyang Road and Longcheng Road , and it is the hub in Changzhou , neighboring to Changzhou Municipal Government and Changzhou Olympic Stadium. It is at the side of Longcheng Road , 10 minutes drive away from Changzhou Railway Station.

  After ten years of development, Jinko has developed 30 varieties, including: LCR Digital Bridge series; capacitance and inductance measurement (sorting) series; leakage current tester series; DC low resistance tester, MOS tube tester, transistor tester, multiplex temperature tester, paperless recorder, electrical parameter measuring instrument, and other high-precision measuring instruments and testers. Other active products such as: DC stabilized voltage supply and high power switching power supply.

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