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Multichannel Data Recorder
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JK9000 multi-channel data recorder
* use high brightness color 10.1 inch TFT LCD screen...
Handheld multi-channel temperature and humidity recorder
JK500R handheld multi-channel temperature and humidi...
Multi-channel temperature power recorder
This product is a single-phase three-phase power mea...
 Data acquisition card
JK200 Data acquisition card
paperless data recorder
10-inch color touch screen, AC85-265V / DC24V can b...
 Multi-channel data recorder
Up to 80 tests, keyboard, mouse access, full-screen ...
8-channel analog set module
Temperature collection range: K, J, E, R, S, T, B ty...
multi-channel temperature humidity recorder
1-128 input signal:voltage,current, thermal resistor...

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